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Cast and Blast - Combined Guided Sea Duck Hunts and Fishing


Fall Cast and Blast

In the Fall the famous our CAST & BLAST, is a combination Sea Duck Hunting and Fishing.

Guided sea duck hunts in the morning for sea ducks and fish in the afternoon.for striped Bass onboard the Ellen-R.


Sea Duck Hunting

The types of Sea Ducks are, Old Squaws, Scooters, Blue Bills. 

The Chesapeake Hunting  Season begins in November and runs to the middle of January.

 No Hunting on Sundays.    

For those who enjoy fast shooting on a cold winter day with the added comfort of a heated cabin to return to after the shoot try a day of Sea Duck Hunting. 

This sport runs through most of January. 

Hunters must provide their own shotgun and ammunition and valid Maryland Hunting License and Stamps. 12 ga. recommended with steel shot a must.  This is a true hunters experience 


Let's Go

Sea Duck Hunting

 The Dress for hunting should be warm clothing, along with Foul Weather Gear to fight off the elements of winter hunting. Remember, there is a warm cabin to return to after the hunt.